DAR National Literacy Award 2017 Children’s Book

Buddy and the Chickens

A Children’s Book

DAR National Literacy Award in 2017

With permission from District VI, who owns the copyright, Buddy and the Chickens, the children’s book about this delightful dog, and his friends, the chickens, is available once more!

This story about friendship was written to support the State Regent’s Project of former Virginia State Regent, Judy Surber, has been re-published! As the Benjamin Franklin epitaph states – it has “appear(ed) once more, In a new & more perfect Edition, Corrected and amended By the Author.”

District VI appointed Jack Jouett Chapter to manage the book. Net profits will be shared by District VI, Jack Jouett Chapter, and chapters buying ten or more books.

The new version is printed on heavier paper. It is bound more securely. It includes a report from Judy’s State Regent’s Project on the inside front cover. It is dedicated to her memory. The picture of a horse has been included. The Virginia agricultural information inside the back cover has been updated. And, it has four coloring pages for kids in the back! Money raised from the sale of Buddy and the Chickens will now be used to support children’s literacy projects.

‘Buddy’ is written on a second grade teaching level. As a literacy project, Jack Jouett Chapter will be taking the book to the children in a second grade classroom each year. The author will be on hand to read the book to the children. Our members participate by ‘adopting’ (buying a book for) a child in the class. Each child will receive a book to keep.

For more information about Buddy books:

Jack Jouett webpage: jackjouettdar.org
E-mail Buddy: districtvibuddybook [at] gmail.com
Public page: Jack Jouett Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution